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It would be understating the fact that Nigerian troops never recorded greater successes against Boko Haram than they did under the leadership of the immediate past Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai (rtd). Buratai, it is on record, did put in all efforts to ensure his troops were motivated with different welfare packages initiated by him for their comfort.


Prior to his appointment as the Chief of Army Staff by President Muhammadu Buhari, the military was losing its officers and men in large numbers. Thus, Buratai’s focus was to improve on the military’s operational achievements. He made a success of it and the result was the unprecedented successes in the counterinsurgency operation he is being credited for even after he exited office.


Within three months of his appointment, Buratai demonstrated his leadership capability by showing that he indeed understood the terrain of the North East, the epicenter of the insurgency. He took the war to Boko Haram and his soldiers recaptured and hoisted the Nigerian flag in Gamboru Ngala, which served as Boko Haram’s main operational base. The insurgents were chased to their Sambisa Forest hideout where troops of the Operation Lafia Dole proudly displayed vital insignias of the sect including a Holy Quran and flags of the sect’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, on national television to the admiration of Nigerians.


Improving the welfare of the army was vital in his agenda. His major policy therefore was directly for the benefit of the troops. He ensured that they were in right frame of mind in their duty. Buratai would go to any length to see and meet the troops’ needs at every point in time. Under his leadership, priority was given to the equipment used by the military to combat the insurgents, among other steps taking by him. The allowances and bonuses of the military were paid as at when due.


His concentration was centered on identifying the most pressing problems that troops and their families were facing, the needs associated with those challenges, and he utilized the resources available to meet those needs. It was also to his credit that the fighting troops were provided with constant water supply to meet their daily needs and to stabilize them emotionally and psychologically. As part of efforts to encourage his men, General Buratai on Tuesday July 25, 2017 approved the promotion of 6,199 soldiers involved in the fight against Boko Haram under his watch.


In the basic responsibilities of a leader which include accomplishment of the mission and the welfare of the soldiers, Buratai was not found wanting. He established Nigerian Army Farms and Ranches, built and commissioned block of flats at Jaji, Khobe Cantonment, Jos in Plateau State and the Danjuma Chalets at 2 Division Headquarters. The former Army chief also renovated a lot of projects he met on ground and initiated water projects including the Supply and Transport Foods and new Command Guest Houses.


Buratai’s contributions to national, regional and international peace have not gone unnoticed here at home and abroad, which, obviously, led to his being appointed a non-career ambassador after a successful military career.


In terms of projects, capacity building, training and welfare, throughout Buratai’s tenure as COAS, there was never a dull moment. 


It is on record that Buratai’s leadership style did inspire the fighting soldiers, a record-breaking template his successors would also find suitable to utilize. When he became the Nigerian army chief, he made it a duty to identify with his officers and men as they launched a full-scale war against the Boko Haram fighters.


He initiated a range of activities in support of developing the force, via intensive training, mentoring, partnering, monitoring and empowering. His enabling efforts in that regards include setting up the Nigerian Army Institute of Technology and Environmental Studies in Biu, Borno State; Command Secondary School (Boys & Girls) in Kebbi State; Nigerian Army Aviation hangar at Jaji Airstrip, Kaduna; Mine Resistance Amour Protected (MRAP); Activation of Divisions Training Schools; establishing Tinapa Post Housing Development Limited Estate, Calabar; Army Warrant Officers Board; the Nigerian Army Special Forces School; First Nigerian Army indigenous infantry patrol vehicle; Nigerian Army Cyber Warfare Command and the Nigerian Army Vehicle Manufacturing Company.


Other capacity building projects Buratai initiated are; the Supply and Transport Driving School; Nigerian Army Women’s Corps; Nigerian Army Officers’ Wives Association Hospital; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Command; 20 Regimentation Battalion; 133 Special Forces Battalion; 123 Special Forces Battalion; Counter Terrorist and Counter Insurgency Museum; 109 Special Forces Battalion; 4 Special Forces Battalion, Counter Explosive Devices; 707 Special Forces Brigade; Motorcycle Battalion; Nigerian Army Agricultural Business Enterprise Limited; Army War College, Nigeria; Nigerian Army Bureau De Change; Nigerian Army Investments Account; Operation Lafia Dole Sectors 1,2 and 3; Homes Fit for Heroes; Otukpo Post Housing Development Limited Estate; Buffalo Engineering and Technical Services Limited, evolution of new operational concepts, establishment of 6 and 8 Divisions, Nigerian Languages Training Initiative, and many more.


Inspiring and effectively leading subordinates, especially through a military mission with life or death implications, is no small feat. It requires leadership, one that extends well beyond the battlefield.


Evidently, for years to come, history will remember General Yusuf Buratai, particularly, in areas critically important to Nigerian Army.




The leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church, Primate Elijah Ayodele’s Prophecies about the outcome of the Ghana election petition has come to pass.


Although the election held in 2020 and the candidate of the NPP, Nana Akufo-Addo was declared as winner of the election but until now, the victory had not been confirmed because the opposition, John Mahama, the candidate of the NDC had gone to the supreme court to seek annulment of the election.


Just few moments ago, the supreme court dismissed the cases laid against the electoral commission, and affirmed the victory of Nana Akufo-Addo after many months of battling.


This is a confirmation of the prophecy of Primate Ayodele who had said long before the election took place that the only way John Mahama can unsit Nana Akufo-Addo is by focusing and working on the upper volta and Northern region of the country, or else, he will lose gallantly.


The man of God also said that he foresees serious issues that has to do with court cases after the election.


These were his words


‘If John Mahama wants to win, he should work on Northern region and Volta region. He has not done what he is supposed to do, If election happens today, without mincing words, Nana Akufo Addo will defeat him


With the way John Mahama is approaching the campaign is wrong, he needs to work hard to get his victory.


I foresee that there will be violence in Ghana election, and court challenges after the election’’


True to his words, John Mahama didn’t win in those areas the man of God mentioned, and He lost the election.


On the second part that talked about Court Cases, shortly after the election, the court cases prophecy started coming to pass with several allegation and petitions written by the NDC and the electoral commission.


Again, the man of God revealed when the case began that there is nothing that can unsit Nana Akufo-Addo from the seat of the Presidency, and that he will win the supreme court case.


These were his words


‘‘It will be difficult to remove Nana except there is strong evidence provided against him by John Mahama, Nothing can be done to unseat him, He will be victorious in the supreme court’.


Just as he said it, the supreme court has today upheld the election of Nana Akufo Addo




When I passed through Pen Cinema area few days ago, I took time to personally inspect the level of work on the flyovers and expansive road networks being constructed. As I was walking round with marvel and admiration of the quality of work, my heart went straight to and prayed for this dogged leader of few words but a lot of actions, Rt. Hon. Dr Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa.


I can recollect how the initial flyover meant for construction at Pen Cinema was politically relocated to Abule Egba, just because some people felt Agege is not good for such a gigantic project.


In his characteristics manner; as a man who always has his eyes on the ball, coupled with the love he has for the emancipation of the people and development of the city where he has spent the greatest part of his life since birth, I remember vividly how Mr Speaker stood his ground as Presiding officer of Lagos State Legislature that except Pen Cinema flyovers are part of the budget for 2017, it won't fly. Lo and behold! the rest is now history as the longest flyover on land in any part of Lagos is going to be commissioned in our own Agege. It takes only a revolutionary-minded leader with foresight to have insisted that such a project be sited in Agege. 


By the time Iju bus terminal and the massive Agege train station become operational, Agege will overtake Oyingbo/Yaba axis as the major transportation hub of Lagos State, considering its proximity to the Airports. 


I have learnt long ago that anyone destined for greatness will pass through a lot of persecution from detractors and enemies alike; and those whose "bad belle" are a result of envy. However, no matter the persecution, in as much as such individual is made for the tops, he/she will triumph in the end.


Having the opportunity to work closely with Mr Speaker as one of his aides at the Lagos State House of Assembly has shown me the revolutionary side of the man popularly known as Obasa. 


In his 5½ years in the saddle as the Speaker of that great bastion of ideal legislative practice, he has not only carved 'independence' and full autonomy for Lagos State Legislature, he has systematically and persuasively instilled discipline among members and staff as well as taking the lead to ensure that all laws, resolutions and oversight functions from the House of Assembly are ones that impact positively on the greatest number of Lagosians at all times. 


And to cap it all, he ensures members and Assembly staff are given the necessary tools and conducive environment to work, as well as making sure they are trained and retrained on the best ways to deliver services in a 21st century Legislative practice. 


As the longest serving Legislator in the history of Lagos State House of Assembly, I make bold to say that Rt. Hon. Dr Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa is justifying the investment that the Government of Lagos State has made on his training and development. I'm sure the leaders of our party will be proud of his carriage and professional handling of the affairs of the House.


Friday 5th March, 2021 will remain indelible in the history of Agege, as the State's Executive Governor, Mr Babajide Olusola SanwoOlu,

ably supported by our own Mr Speaker, Rt. Hon. Dr Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa unveil the longest land flyover bridge in Lagos State at Pen Cinema area in Agege, for the use of this and future generations of Lagosians.



Isola Ogunsola

SSA(Education) to the Speaker

Lagos State House of Assembly.




Wema Bank Plc – the inventor of Nigeria’s first fully digital bank, ALAT – has wadded into allegation of verbal abuse levelled against a staff of Wema Bank on social media.


A statement signed by Head, Brand & Marketing Communication for WEMA Bank, Funmilayo Falola, Wema Bank assures all that the issue is already being investigated.


The statement reads; Our attention has been drawn to an allegation of verbal abuse levelled against a staff of Wema Bank on social media, allegedly following some information from staff.


At Wema Bank, our staff are our most valued assets and we treasure them greatly.

Equity, fairness, and mutual respect are the gold standards of our practice, operations, and relations with both internal and external stakeholders at Wema Bank. These are firmly rooted in our values spanning over 75 years of existence. 


We respect and uphold the rights and dignity of all members of staff, irrespective of their age, gender, or position in our organisation. Their contributions to the growth of the business and the success of our customers across all our business touchpoints are of immense value.


Wema Bank therefore assures all their stakeholders that the issue which was already being investigated at the highest level of the organisation will receive appropriate redress that will be comforting to the affected parties. "We nevertheless thank our stakeholders for their patience as we conclude our investigations."


The statement reads.




... HR Officer allegedly enslaves junior staff


For one of Nigeria’s troubled financial institutions, Wema Bank Plc, it has been a tale of one scandal to another following recent filtering into.


While the Managing Director/CEO of the bank, Ademola Adebise and other top officials are still battling to save their heads from the axe of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), following allegations of money laundering running into the tune of N1 billion, the bank is in the news for the wrong reasons again.


Recall that the bank’s chief executive alongside others allegedly laundered the said sum using the account of an innocent customer without his consent.


In the latest development, the chief human resources officer of the bank, Ololade Ogungbenro has been accused of turning junior staff into slaves.


Ogungbenro has reportedly brought back the memories of the old television series, set in the United States of America; “Hammer House of Horror,” which has allegedly turned the good, old Wema Bank to a shadow of its former self.


Unlike the expectation that Ololade would turn the Human Capital Management Department of the bank to a model of values attached to the importance of personnel in an organisation and a reflection of importance of workforce and how staff are to be treated, the woman, who got to the office sometime in 2019, is said to be doing the contrary.


It was gathered that the bank’s core values which are Mutual Respect, Team Work, and Professionalism “are flagrantly disregarded if not trampled upon with boasts by Ololade, who incidentally is a Pastor in the fastest growing pentecostal church.”


Her alleged persistent verbal abuses and threat of sack with a boast that she is untouchable by the Management reportedly seemed to have emboldened her and true to her boast has gotten away with near blue murder.


Insiders alleged that resignations, request for deployment to other divisions, sicknesses, fears, collapse at work place have been the lot of the workers in the bank, especially her unit which has affected the morale, confidence, self esteem and work output of staff.


The latest was said to be another married lady named, who was allegedly verbally abused for over one hour on Wednesday 24th February by the woman.


“She was crying hysterically for that long while absorbing the abuse and that led to her collapse and eventual emergency evacuation by staff to a private hospital Gbagada where she was immediately placed on admission.


“The woman fainted several times on the way to the hospital and while receiving treatment.


“The psychologist at the hospital reviewed her when she temporarily regained her consciousness, expressed the huge impact of the emotional trauma on her and advised her to resign from that office as it is a threat to her life,” said a source.


It was further alleged that the woman got hysterical when she saw Mrs Ololade, who was at the hospital to confirm if truly her boast, verbal and psychological abuse with a threat of sack actually resulted in her collapse and if truly she was in hospital and that she wasn’t acting up.


This same scenario reportedly occurred some few months ago when the parents of one other staff, who heard verbal abuses and threat to their daughter’s life requested their daughter to resign “even though she was one of the best hands of the department.”


“The phone conversation of the verbal abuse was with the lady who had to resign in order to still be alive. It was said that management swept this under the carpet again.


“Another classical example is another woman, whose name was not mentioned. Ololade turned this lady into a nervous wreck and frustrated the life out of her.


“Luckily when she was almost at her wits end, she made personal moves and got redeployed to another unit with a humane Boss. The woman has regained her lost glory, she regained her self confidence, she is glowing and flourishing in her new unit.


Interestingly while all the staff of the bank are aware of Ololade’s unprofessional attitude, the blind eyes turned by the Management is a source of worry,” the source added.


It was further alleged that mere dislike of your face by Ololade was “enough reason to make life miserable for any staff and her boasts from the first day of her engagement that she is known as Mrs Fire ( apparently from the way she fires staff which she derives pleasure in doing) sends cold to workers spine.”


It is gathered that some of the bank staff who have been “beneficiaries” of her harassment and unprofessional conducts are perfecting their papers to approach Industrial Court “since the top Management seems to be in her pocket for whatever reasons.”


The question on the lips of many observers is that “why is the management of this first generation bank looking the other way, when they ought to have acted and stop this woman from destroying the legacy they built for many years?”


Efforts by our reporter to reach Funmilayo Falola, the head of Brand and Marketing Communications of Wema Bank, for the bank’s angle to the allegations proved futile as calls and text message placed to her mobile lines were not responded to as at press time.




The Centre for Public Accountability CPA, has expressed regrets over the desperate attempt by the Federal government, to politicise the security situation in Zamfara State, noting that the recent declaration of a 'No-Fly Zone' on the state coupled with a ban placed on mining activities, were targeted at further destabilizing the effort of the state government, towards, addressing the spate of insecurity in the state.


CPA in a statement signed by its Executive Secretary, Olufemi Lawson questioned why Zamfara is the testing ground for the Federal government's declaration of no-fly zone, when in actual fact, there have been previous alarms raised by Nigerians, in States across the country, most especially in the Northeast and North Central zones, about how arms and ammunition are supplied to criminal elements, with the aid of aircrafts.


"We consider the admission by the Presidency, that criminal elements now get their supplies, through the aid of aircrafts, as an indictment of those responsible for managing our airspace and national security, which further confirms our believe, that the incumbent administration has lost the capacity, to further guarantee, the security of lives and properties of Nigerians, which ordinarily should be its primary responsibility."


"We are constrained to believe, that the decision of the presidency, is a direct attack targeted at the Zamfara State Governor, Hon. Bello Matawalle, over his recent revelations, on the roles, played by some highly placed individuals, towards truncating the state government's effort at rescuing the recently abducted over 270 girls of the Government Girls Science Secondary School, Jangebe, Zamfara state."


"It is also hypocritical of the Federal government, to take such a swift decision, without consultation with Stakeholders in Zamfara state, at a speed it never took, during similar scenarios witnessed in President Buhari's home state of Katsina and of recent, Kagara in Niger State."



Rather than making this kind of unpopular action towards addressing the insecurity in Zamfara, a situation that has been largely traced to the mismanagement and maladministration of the state, under the previous administration, particularly between 2011-2019, when Mr. Abdulaziz Yari was in saddle, as the governor, We wish to remind the Federal government, that it is her primary responsibility to make sure that lives and properties of all citizens are protected, without any iota of political consideration. When this is lost, then there is nothing like governance again.”



We are therefore demanding for an immediate reversal of the Federal government's no-fly zone order, while asking that genuine nationwide inquiry be launched into the claims, that criminal elements, now get their arms and ammunition supplies, through our airspace, a situation, that should worry any serious Government, particularly, those who have been saddled with the responsibility managing our national security.

Is the FG telling us it doesn't know owners of jets in Nigeria again? There is nothing we will not see in  Nigeria.

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