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UBA Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, on Wednesday joined the rest of the world to celebrate African children in the 2021 edition of the International Day of the African Child.

As an institution that cares about the education, advancement and welfare of the African child, UBA through its Foundation, commemorated this special day, by donating thousands of books and learning materials to various schools, libraries, hospitals and orphanages in Nigeria and across Africa. The Foundation’s effort is to encourage a healthy reading culture amongst African children.

June 16 every year, has been set aside by the United Nations as the International Day of the African Child to celebrate children in Africa and to recognise the courage of students who marched for their right to better education in Soweto, South Africa.

The Managing Director/CEO, UBA Foundation, Bola Atta, visited and presented books to the Ignite Africa Leadership Foundation an organisation committed to help the African Youth learn and develop reading skills through several laudable initiatives.

Located in the heart of Lagos in Ikeja, the library hosts numerous book clubs, poetry sessions and creative writing competitions for African youth. They also spearhead an initiative to offer book clubs in public schools in Lagos and Rivers State.

Speaking during the presentation, Atta explained that the UBA Foundation remains passionate about its three key pillars of Education, Empowerment and Environment. She also noted that the bank through its foundation, recognises the huge role that education and indeed a good reading culture play in the lives of the youth, reason why the bank donates books and learning materials to children across the continent.

Atta who is also UBA’s Group Head, Corporate Communications, said, “As a pan-African institution, we believe that the future of Africa lies in her youth and for this reason, UBA Foundation is actively involved in facilitating educational projects and bridging the literacy-wide gap on a pan-African scale, and is helping to rekindle the dwindling reading and literacy culture amongst African youths as they pursue their education.

“We typically commemorate this day with a group-wide ‘Read Africa initiative, but COVID-19 has challenged us to take on a new perspective which is why we are here today. I will like you to know that this gesture is also being replicated by the bank across Nigeria and in Africa,” she explained.

Atta who decried the dearth of good bookshops as against what obtained in the past, emphasised the belief that a highly educated and well-informed youth is critical to the future of Africa, and explained that UBA Foundation’s ‘Read Africa initiative is aimed at rekindling the dwindling reading culture amongst African youths and to encourage leisure reading in junior and senior secondary school’s students across Africa.

Founder, Ignite Africa, Kolawole Oyeyemi, who received the books, commended the UBA Foundation, said the donation will go a long way towards assisting with the vision of the library which is to impact the youth postively and equip them with materials to propel their growth.

Oyeyemi said, "We are grateful to UBA and the UBA foundation for this gesture and the donation of the books as these will help us in our bid to touch lives and give back to the society and give children the opportunity to develop through knowledge enhancement."

Across Africa, the Foundation also donated books to community centres, schools and  hospitals to celebrate the African child.

UBA through its Foundation believes that quality education is crucial in developing the manpower needed by Africa to exploit emerging opportunities and propel the continent to higher levels of development.




Every anniversary is a milestone. Wedding anniversary, especially, is one way lovers choose to reaffirm their undying affection for each other. Saturday, June 5 was a special one for the celebrated servant of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman and his beautiful wife, Reverend Lizzy Johnson Suleman. It was their 17th wedding anniversary.




Insiders say the celebrity couple didn’t restrict their intimate romantic show to the confine of their marital bedroom, but the feelings were taken to the public as they reportedly pampered each other in the full glare of members of their Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) at a special church service organized to mark the occasion. The couple were said to have brought back the memories of the dating years by engaging in a long session of intense cuddling and romantic dance moves to the admiration and applause of the audience that included other OFM top ministers.


Today is my 17th year marriage anniversary,” the Restoration Apostle, as Suleman is fondly addressed, announced earlier on June 5. Continuing, he said sending a cute, thankful message to his spouse; “Thanks, Baby, for being a golden treasure and a formidable anchor.


Church insiders spoke of how the Apostle and Reverend Johnson Suleman attempted to recreate events as if it was their first date on June 5. They reportedly conjured up old memories, renewing their wedding vows and were obviously filled with sentimental feelings of the love of their youth days once again, while they shared some special songs at the altar.


For Reverend Lizzy Suleman, personally, the wedding anniversary was a perfect excuse to demonstrate humanity as she reportedly gathered up the poor and the needy few days ahead of the celebration to share words of love, food and cash gifts with many.


Married in 2004, the union between the Sulemans has produced six cute children. In a press interview during the celebration of their 12th wedding anniversary, the loving couple said their secret to a happy marriage was listening to each other.


Reverend Lizzy also had a romantic line for her beau: “Through thick and thin, God has been there for us. 17th marriage anniversary and still counting. Love you, honey. You're the best. Honey, you're an amazing person, an angel in human form. Thank you for being my mentor, lover and friend, my best friend for life. Thank God for the gift of you. Our union will continue to wax stronger and brighter in Jesus' name. We shall continue to bask in the euphoria of God's glory and grace, till Jesus comes. I love you.”




Prophet Joshua Iginla has blown hot again after the demise of Prophet TB Joshua. 



Iginla fired a shot against Pastor Chris Okotie and some clergy who castigated TB Joshua even in death.



In his statement he said:


When my friend Prophet TB Joshua died and was called to Glory. When I saw pastors writing all manner of Jargons.. I felt; what a wicked generation!


Pastors hated this man in his lifetime and even after God has called him to Glory,  they still exhibit and execute such hatred even for the dead. Then, I knew why Jesus is delaying in His coming. Because, if He comes, there might be no church to rapture... it's only a few that will go.


And if you check those who hate Prophet TB Joshua, you will be so surprised that they are pastors who have turned their members into that same hatred.


President of Nations are comforting the family, my own president, a Muslim, send a condolence message to the family.. The whole National assembly stood in honour of a Prophet with a Godly character.


Then, we have believers saying; is he born again, is he not born again... Analysing a character that showed us practical Christianity.


I felt bad in my spirit when I heard Chris Okotie talking about the dead, a man who has gone to Glory.. You are still bold to talk about him in a sarcastic manner and you feel you have the Holy Ghost inside  you..?


I ask myself, who is more Holier between Senior Prophet TB Joshua and those who are attacking him?


Chris Okotie opens his mouth to attack Prophet TB Joshua, even after he has gone to Glory. What Prophet TB Joshua has done, if you are to live a thousand years, you can not undo what he has done.


If you hate Prophet TB Joshua, what about his wife? What about his children? Do you extend your hatred to them? What kind of generation are we bringing? What kind of Christianity are we practicing?


I bleed in my heart, when I see a generation without honour for God, for dead... Some of you think you will never die. We'll all leave one day.


You will be shocked, if the man you call Lucifer, is by the right hand of the Father. And you who called him names, find yourself in hell. THERE WILL BE SURPRISES ON THE LAST DAY!


If there is a generation that eats up their Generals, point to the Christendom..

If there is a generation that lives in hypocrisy and sees the vision and hatred as holiness, point to Christendom..

If there is a generation that sees Christianity as cultism(if you don't belong to our church, you are demonized, you are diabolic. You have to submit to us, submit to our spiritual father and come and pay tithe and offering to us)...


What is the offense of Prophet TB Joshua? Just because he's different from them.





The All progressive Congress, APC Youths from the Northwest Nigeria has warned the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC National Working Committee (NWC) to be very careful and vigilant with one of the Contestant, the former Governor of Zamfara State, Abdul Aziz Abubakar Yari.


According to the group, "any mistake to allow the former Governor Yari to emerge as the APC National Chairman will mean that the soul of the party have been sold and would not rest in peace, "Hon. Danlami Aminu Cries out.


The Northwest APC Youths public relation officer, Hon. Aminu Maina queried why je would be allowed to even move near the position saying; "how can somebody who denied the then APC National Chairman Adam Oshiomole's entourages access to conduct Zamfara State primary elections be allow to become the same party National chairman?


How can somebody who only if he check his memory note book will know which one of the Courts to attend to answer Corruption charges every week be allow to hold the APC National Chairmanship seat?


As the then Governor of Zamfara State for eight years, presently Yari is facing hundreds of money laundering charges, how can somebody with these shameful records be allow to become the National Chairman of the APC? " He questioned.



For the second consecutive year, Zenith Bank Plc has been named as the Best Corporate Governance 'Financial Services' Africa 2021 by the Ethical Boardroom.

The award, which was published in the June 2021 edition of The Ethical Boardroom magazine, is in recognition of the bank’s adherence to global best practices and institutionalization of corporate governance, setting an industry-wide example of best practices in that field.Commenting on the award, the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive of Zenith Bank Plc, Mr. Ebenezer Onyeagwu said that: “this recognition is a testament to our commitment to quality, accountability, fairness and transparency in our engagement with all stakeholders.


It is also an affirmation of the bank’s professionalism, ethical conduct and sustenance of global best practices and standards which is attributable to the joint collaboration of the management and staff".


This award comes on the heels of several awards and recognitions that have come the way of bank in recent times for its track record of excellent performance and commitment to global best practices. Zenith Bank was voted as Bank of the Year (Nigeria) in The Banker's Bank of the Year Awards 2020, Best Bank in Nigeria in the Global Finance World's Best Banks Awards 2020 and 2021, and Best Corporate Governance 'Financial Services' Africa 2020 by the Ethical Boardroom. Also, the bank emerged as the Most Valuable Banking Brand in Nigeria in the Banker Magazine Top 500 Banking Brands 2020 and 2021, and Number One Bank in Nigeria by Tier-1 Capital in the "2020 Top 1000 World Banks" Ranking by The Banker Magazine.

Similarly, the bank was recognised as Bank of the Decade (People's Choice) at the ThisDay Awards 2020, Retail Bank of the year at the 2020 BusinessDay Banks and Other Financial Institutions (BOFI) Awards, and Best Company in Promotion of Good Health and Well-Being as well as Best Company in Promotion of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment at the Sustainability, Enterprise and Responsibility (SERAS) Awards 2020.

ZenithBank has been generally adjudged a Corporate Governance compliant bank by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) hence its listing on the Premium Board of the Exchange. The bank continues to sustain this reputation and reappraise its processes to ensure that its business conforms to the highest global standards at all times.

Thebank places a premium on its core business strategy anchored on People, Technology and Service, to create value for its numerous clientele.

With a team of dedicated professionals, the bank leverages its robust Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure to provide cutting-edge solutions and products through its network of branches and electronic/digital channels.



...She Always Stripped Herself Naked And Demand For Sex From Him



The day Ijesha rejected her sex offer, Princess told him in Yoruba Language "Ma fi aye han e Ijesha," translated, I will show you the other side of the world.


Baba Ijesha once told me Princess' threats on him the very day he confronted her to inform her he was no longer interested in having sex with her, but Ijesha never knew a minor would be used to set him up by Princess and her bulldog Iyabo Ojo

Since the whole scenario played out I decided to keep mute, but at this point, I have a lot to tell the magistrates and the whole world. I'm fully ready to expose Princess and Iyabo Ojo's atrocities, and their wicked act.


~ Ijesha's sister Ewatomi Ayeni told journalists at the court premises




,,,Entrepreneurs have completed the business management training globally likened to an MBA



 The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), Africa’s leading philanthropy empowering young African entrepreneurs from all 54 African countrieshas successfully trained over 200,000 entrepreneurs in core business management skills as part of its 2021 TEF Entrepreneurship Programme.



The Business Management training was conducted exclusively on TEFConnect,  the Foundation’s proprietary digital platform that provides capacity-building support, advisory and market linkages to over 1 Million Africans and counting.


The TEF Entrepreneurship Programme Business Management Training equips entrepreneurs with critical skills required to launch and run their businesses at the early growth stage. With a unique curriculum that encompasses topics on Starting Your BusinessBusiness Management & FundamentalsLeadership & Business GrowthSelecting and Building a Team, amongst others, entrepreneurs are effectively armed to achieve business growth, profitability, and sustained success.

Entrepreneurs were hosted to weekly information sessions, as part of the training, to address relevant concerns and share vital programme updates. All entrepreneurs received active support from coaches and mentors who provided technical guidance, counsel and one-one interaction throughout the duration of the training programme.


The training, which is one element of the 7 pillars of the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme, was carrieout in the official African languages including English, French, Portuguese and Arabic, and over 40 percent of trained participants were women.


Commenting on this milestone, Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu, CEO of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, said “Every year, our commitment to transform Africa is further strengthened with the passion, resilience and talent of the high-calibre entrepreneurs who onboard our flagship programme. Our curricular provides a holistic opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn, grow and contribute to the development of their communities.”


The Chief Executive Officer added: “Furthermore, it is a testament to the eagerness and readiness of African entrepreneurs across all of Africa to make themselves available to transform the continent for good. I would like to commend these entrepreneurs for their discipline, dedication and hard work throughout the training and look forward to the immense impact of their businesses across diverse sectors in Africa. We remain committed to empowering African entrepreneurs with the required resources and support that will ensure that their businesses can scale and drive sustainable change on the continent”.


The TEF Entrepreneurship Training is immediately followed by a Business Plan review process for each entrepreneur. The top-performing entrepreneurs subsequently participate in the Pitching phase of the Programme after which successful entrepreneurs receive a non-returnable seed capital of US$5000 each.

The leading African philanthropy also hopes to train and empower thousands more across the African continent as part of its commitment to catalyze economic growth, drive poverty eradication and ensure job creation.

In 2020, the Tony Elumelu Foundation marked ten years of impact, having empowered and funded nearly 10,000 African entrepreneurs from all 54 African countries as part of its US$100 million TEF Entrepreneurship Programme. The Tony Elumelu Foundation is inspired by Tony Elumelu’s economic philosophy of Africapitalism, which positions the private sector, and most importantly entrepreneurs, as the catalyst for the long-term social and economic development of the African continent.


To learn more about the Tony Elumelu Foundation, please visit; and to receive the Foundation’s free business training, please visit


An Ikeja Division of the Lagos State High Court has convicted the former managing director of the defunct Bank PHB Plc, Francis Atuche, and the bank’s former chief financial officer, Ugo Anyanwu.


The bankers was found guilty of stealing and conspiracy to steal. 

Atuche’s wife, Elizabeth, was, however, discharged and acquitted.


The former bank chief, his wife, and Anyanwu are accused of stealing N25.7 billion belonging to the bank.


They were arraigned in 2011 before Justice Lateefa Okunnu of the Ikeja Division of the Lagos State High Court.


Mr Atuche is also standing trial over N125 billion alleged fraud before the Lagos Division of the Federal High Court.


He was arraigned in 2014, alongside Charles Ojo, a former managing director of Spring Bank Plc, on an amended 45 counts before Justice Saliu Seidu, before the judge was transferred out of the Lagos division.


The case was subsequently transferred to Justice Ayokunle Faji and the defendants re-arraigned in 2017




- Speaker says Nigerians have right to speak on how they are governed


- House calls on National Assembly to ensure true federalism


- Requests for public enlightenment on security consciousness


The Lagos State House of Assembly on Tuesday called on the federal government to engage agitators across the country rather than employ the use of force.


This is as the Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon. (Dr) Mudashiru Obasa, argued that the use of the military in an attempt to quell agitations for secession would not yield the desired result since it is part of democracy for a people to speak out concerning how they are governed.


Obasa, who noted that the 22 years of unbroken democracy being enjoyed by Nigeria is worthy of celebration, however, said there many things yet to be done after so long adding that these had led to the tension in the country.


The Speaker, who made the comment during the debate on a motion about the 22 years of unbroken democracy in Nigeria raised by Hon. Setonji David, commended President Muhammadu Buhari for signing an executive order granting autonomy to state legislatures and judiciary and for honouring the late MKO Abiola with the declaration of June 12 as democracy day.


Noting that democracy is a wholesome package, he added: "It is not about electing us alone. Those that elected us also have freedom, they have the right to protest where they think things are not working. 


"The right to protest should not be taken away from them as long as such right is not taken for granted.


"There is no crime in seeking for separate nations within an existing nation," he said as he mentioned some countries where the citizens have called for disintegration.


"Those representing the people through the ideology of social contract must listen to the people," he said urging the government to engage the groups and calling on the National Assembly members to go beyond weeping on the floor of the House and truly rejig the constitution.


"For the southern governors, having stated their position, they should not go to sleep. They should follow it through," he urged.


Concerning the issues of insecurity, the Speaker said: "We will continue to cry that we have state police and devolution of power."


He said restructuring, which he described as part of the solutions and not a problem, should have addressed economic challenges and poverty level just as he lamented that the Naira has continued to fall against the Dollar.


He praised Lagos as the true example of democracy and promised that the state would continue to lead in this area.


The House observed a minute silence in honour of the late MKO Abiola and all those who lost their lives in the course of the struggle for democracy.


Earlier in his contribution, Hon. Rotimi Olowo described the current constitution as fraud.


"This 1999 constitution amended so many times can no longer be embellished. It is fraud," he said as he called for the semblance of regionalism where the interest of the minority is taken care of.


To him, the current amendment is another effort in futility and a new constitution reflecting the will of the people has to be produced.


Hon. Gbolahan Yishawu suggested an overhaul of the constitution while noting that some items on the exclusive list be devolved.


On his part, Hon. Bisi Yusuff noted that Nigeria's democracy is not a true reflection of the will of the people adding that the constitution was promulgated through a decree.


Supporting the motion, Hon. Desmond Elliot said Nigeria will not progress more than it is now if the constitution is not overhauled.


Other lawmakers who spoke concerning the motion include Hon. Tobun Abiodun, who complained that states are not allowed to manage their resources, and Hon. Kehinde Joseph, who noted the high level of insecurity in the country.


The House also called on the National Assembly to ensure true federalism while it urged Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and the government to engage in enlightenment of the people on security consciousness.



The Shehu of Borno, members of the State and National Assembly, and security heads have paid tributes to the Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum on Saturday for undertaking 556 projects in two years. 


Glowing tributes were paid in a separate remarks during a ceremony marking the Democracy Day held at the Multipurpose auditorium of the Government House, Maiduguri. 


Shehu Garbai, who speaks on behalf of all traditional leaders in Borno said, Zulum's landmark achievements is unprecedented. 


"I wish to commend you for all that you have been doing for the people of Borno, especially on education, health, agriculture, job creation, social services, poverty alleviation, and distribution of food to the IDPs etc. The people of Borno are grateful to you in person and to your administration. We wish you many more years and Allah's guidance." The Shehu said. 


Senator representing southern Borno, Mohammed Ali Ndume spoke on behalf of 3 Senators from Borno. He commended the Governor for his outstanding performance in two years of his tenure. 


"Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we thank God for what our Governor did in just 24 months. Alhamdulillah, I am very proud and we are all very proud of what you have been doing. Alhamdulillah that we have a son that is determined to bring Borno back to its feet. I was really excited and humbled yesterday when I met two important personalities, one was a former Head of State, though he begged me not to disclose his name. He told me, Ndume, you guys are very lucky. There are only two Governors in Nigeria at the moment. One is Babagana Umara Zulum and the others." Ndume said. 


"I was equally opportuned to have an interaction with President Buhari. He told me that your Governor is taking unexceptional and exceptional risk in order to develop your State. I prayed for him every time I know he is going out somewhere." Ndume added.


The Chief Whip of the House of Representatives, Barr. Mohammed Tahir Monguno who speaks on behalf of his colleagues representing different constituencies in Borno said Governor Zulum will always be remembered in the history of Borno. 


"We are all thrilled to the array of achievements that were rolled out by the Commissioner for Information, and with all sense of humility and responsibility, I made bold to say that these achievements were unparalleled and unprecedented in annals of the history of Borno State. Your Excellency, for the rare feat that you have exhibited of bringing governance to the doorsteps of the people. For making governance responsible and accountable to the yearning and aspirations of the people, your name will be written in gold in the history of Borno State." Bar. Monguno said. 


The Speaker of the State's House of Assembly, Hon. Abdulkarim said, 28 members of the house were the number one witness to the achievements and projects undertaken by Governor Zulum's administration. 


"Your Excellency, we are the number one witness to the kind of projects and achievements you have recorded in Borno State. Your Excellency, the entire people of Borno have seen the unprecedented achievements you have recorded. Your Excellency, I assure you that the State Assembly is always behind you to support you to achieve more for the betterment of our people." The speaker said. 


In the opening remarks, the Secretary to the State Government, Usman Jidda Shuwa enjoined residents to support Zulum's administration; "Your Excellency, I wish to appeal to the people of Borno State, particularly, politicians, our business class and intellectuals, our religious leaders and leaders of thought, and our public servants to keep their unalloyed and unflinching support and assistance to His Excellency, the Executive Governor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum because of his tested demonstrable commitment and  undeniable determination to uplift the standard of living of our people." The SSG said. 


"Your Excellency, based on my experience of over 40 years in both Federal and State levels, and having worked with two former military Heads of State directly and other Heads of States indirectly and Governors, civilians and the military, I can hardly find, and I say with all sense of responsibility and humility, somebody like Babagana Umara Zulum who could perform as Chief Executive in the State leveled as His Excellency Babagana Umara Zulum." The SSG added. 


In his remarks, Chairman of the Borno Elders Forum, Amb. Gambo Gubio has commended the State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum for the achievements he recorded in two years. 


In a goodwill message delivered on behalf of the heads of security heads in Borno, the Garrison Commander of the 7 Division, Nigerian Army, Brigadier General AGL Haruna said Governor Zulum has provided good leadership for Borno people. 


"Your Excellency sir, we in the forum of security heads in Borno appreciate your leadership provided for the people of Borno State. Your efforts were aptly captured by the Commissioner for Information here. I appealed to the good people of Borno to give all the necessary cooperation to His Excellency. We the security operatives will continue to do our best by providing an enabling environment to attain His Excellency's vision. 


The representative of the civil servants and Chairman of Trade Union Congress, Borno Chapter, Comr. Babayo Hamma Shani said Zulum had undertaken a complete revolution of the civil service. 


"Your Excellency, for the record, you are the first Governor in Nigeria that implemented the new N30,000 minimum wage. You are also the first Governor in Nigeria to release N12b to be paid for the retired civil servants in Borno. The workers of Borno State Government were very happy with your achievements as it affects them directly and indirectly. Your Excellency, I want assure you of the unflinching support by the workers of Borno State." Chairman TUC said.


The Commissioner for Information, Baba Kura Abba Jato in a graphic presentation said, Zulum has undertaken 556 projects, 70% of which have been fully completed with many being put into use, while 30% are at various completion levels.  


The Commissioner explained that the 556 projects do not include policies and programs, even when most of them are capital intensive.  


Giving the breakdown of the projects, Jato explained that 194 capital projects were delivered on education, and they encompass rehabilitation, completion and fresh construction of mega-size Government technical colleges and primary schools in different communities.  


He noted that 63 capital projects were delivered on Governance, and another 63 capital projects on roads, transport, rural and urban development, while 59 capital projects were delivered on water and environment.  


The Commissioner also said that Zulum delivered 58 capital projects on health, which include establishment of 74 primary healthcare centres, new doctors quarters, and overhaul of 8 hospitals in MMC, Biu, Damboa, Monguno and Magumeri. 

He explained that 53 capital projects were delivered on reconstruction rehabilitation and resettlement which involve more than 6,000 resettlement houses for IDPs and refugees in 15 towns.

Mr President, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, has since approved 10,000 resettlement houses in Borno State, with four thousand already completed. 


Jato noted that 28 capital projects on jobs creation, youths empowerment and humanitarian support which include an all-inclusive vocational training centre with 14 workshops for capacity development of 1,500 persons per annum. He said 15 capital projects were delivered on commerce and industry; 13 capital projects on agriculture and 10 capital projects were executed on security. 


He also recalled that monthly allowances of volunteers in the civilian JTF, hunters and vigilantes was increased while over 700 vehicles and other logistics were needed to enhance their operational roles of complementing armed forces in fighting Boko Haram.

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