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Tuesday, 24 November 2020 00:00

False and Malicious Lies Against Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin cannot hold water

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  • Demands that such baseless, frivolous and unfounded utterances be retracted


This is to refute an ironical, baseless and untrue online  publication by one Mr. Onduku charging  the Warri based renowned man of God, the Founder and general Overseer of Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministry, Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin also known as Omowomowo 1, to stop oppressing the poor with his privileged wealth, to emulate Christ and be born again.


This charge was against the backdrop that the Snr. Prophet purportedly sued some disgruntled mischief makers, namely Mr, GODWIN BOUKAN and WANKI AMOS, who circulated a doctored video, which portrayed the man of God, Snr. Prophet Jeremiah in a bad light because The Prophet refused to them the wooping sum of N50m (fifty million naira only) to withdrwaw the said video from circulation.


The above development informed the decision of Snr. Prophet Jeremiah to sue the duo for character assassination or maligning his good image and reputation, a matter which is currently before  an Ughelli based Court of Law, in Delta State of Nigeria.


It is obvious that the said Mr. Onduku, the Man behind the dastard, frivolous, false online publication, must have been either hired by Mr,GODWIN BOUKAN and WANKI AMOS to peddle false allegation against Snr Prophet Jeremiah, or he is an Agent of Satan himself, assigned to wickedly smear the good image of such a high profile man of God, Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, or bear false witness against him, with the purpose and intent to  merely drag his reputation in the mud.


The beauty of the whole thing is that the records are clear for even the blind to see that Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, himself, aside from being a reputable and highly anointed man of God, he is also an astute Humanitarian and Philanthropist, notable for his Christlike attributes and for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all over the Nations of the World, through his massive and vibrant Christian Organisation, based in Warri, Delta State Nigeria.


Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin has a clear vision of building Nations round the World through building People. He has saved millions of Souls, all over the Globe,

As a generous and rare Philanthropist, he has partnered with several Government Agencies, in and outside Nigeria, to eradicate abject poverty, set the spiritual Captives, the oppressed and the Afflicted free.

His name is written in gold, for his contributions towards the good of mankind.


From the above narrative,  one would easily conclude that all the claims put forward by Mr. Onduku, were imaginary and mere scandalous propension of thoughts by the figment of his own imagination.


It is pertinent to note that the Snr. Prophet Jeremiah is very lenient. He has shown mercy and outright forgiveness to whosoever that offends him, in line with biblical injunctions and the core teachings of Jesus Christ, who he represents here on Earth.


This is why mischief makers and blatant Liars like Mr. Onduku would always wish to maliciously and wickedly misrepresent facts and persistently attempt to malign, disparage and bear false witnesses against an uncommon and highly placed philantropic Clergy, like Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin through verbal recklessness, without recourse to the spiritual consequences attached.

May be Mr Onduku and his Cohorts do not appreciate the fact that the Bible says ° Touch not my Prophet and do him no harm” so the Snr. Prophet, being a high ranking man of God and God,s Elect, there,s every tendency that the Enemies of Snr. Prophet Jeremiah, like Mr. Onduku will not go unpunished by God Almighty, for ” What a man sows, he shall reap”. (Gal 6:7)


By the above narratives, I therefore sincerely wish to debunk in it,s entirety all the false claims by Mr. Onduku, whose untrue and wicked online publication against Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, the great man of God of our time are concocted to massage his own ego, thereby attempting to tarnish the good image of the man of God, Wich like I said earlier, has unavoidable far reaching spiritual consequences.

Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, in his Christlike tendencies might have forgiven Mr. Onduku, as a Servant of God, that he is, but Mr. Onduku will definitely not escape the wrath of God Almighty.


In my next publicaton, I will further expose the wickedness and malice encapsulated in the publication by Mr. Onduku, against the upright and innocent man of God, after the determination of the Law suit instituted in an Ughelli based Court of Law and after  the man of God had been vindicated, Good will triumph over Evil.


By which time too, Mr. Onduku and his Cohorts must have learnt the lesson of their life and refrain from there stock in trade which is their habit of  defaming the good images Celebrities in the Society, like that the General in God,s Army, Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, for no “Sinner will go unpunished, except by repentance”

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